So, before, my life was consumed with sleeping, working and going to the Y. I have a new responsibility. Home ownership. Pretty sure I wasn’t aware there was this much work. I mean, really, people. I could do house stuff every damn day if I wanted to — that’s how much there is. Eric and I make a list of things we need or what we need to do — and just as fast as we cross everything off that list… magically, a new list pops up. Usually, it’s longer and more long-term than the first. It almost stresses me out — but good thing I love lists. Really. I love them. The process of crossing things off gives me great joy. Call me weird. It’s cool. I mean, I just looked up at our counter, and I seriously have 5 lists. Good thing I have a lot of paper laying around here. Ha. I digress. I love the house, though. Everything Eric and I do is fun and definitely adding to the house. It’s becoming our own and I still can’t believe all this crap happened. (I call it crap in the most loving way.) All the little things still bring me joy — like bringing the trash can up, cleaning the kitchen floor…

OMG!! I totally buried the lead here.

We bought window treatments. Holy man. How exciting. (Again, the small things.) Pictures to follow. You don’t even know how great this is. I pee myself a little thinking about it! No more tarps!! Those blinds couldn’t come soon enough, let me tell you. As much as I like the blue/brown tarp look…

Alright — so, the point of this post — to talk about the first Grass Cutting at Hotel Smithenreiter. It was the day after it rained like 62 inches — so, we Eric could only cut part of the front yard — but squeeeee!! It was -23 degrees… and Eric was a champ. Of course, instead of helping him, I grabbed my camera and started snapping pictures. Obviously to share with all of you. Enjoy. I’m also including some other pictures. One of a cactus growing in our front yard — and two beds of stuff that’s coming up. I really have no idea what they are, though. Tulips, maybe? I’m no greenthumb, that’s for sure. Guess I’ll learn.